Going into this blogging world can be a very scary place to visit. Your up against so many talented writers, bloggers, fashion lovers, beauty editors and hair fanatics! What could I possibly give to the readers that they don't already know???

I'm Jay Chapman, a make-up artist and have been in this industry for at least 15 years! I am 33 years young, but maybe that's what I can give you readers?!! Experience, real knowledge and my love for all things fashion, beauty, make-up and even accessories! I want to share with you my world, my loves, my hates and my everything!

I own my own beauty studio. I perform beauty treatments ranging from waxing, spray tanning, nails, manicure's and pedicures, I teach make-up and let customers learn the craft themselves. I also make-up brides, models and just make-up everyday people, who also want to feel beautiful. Check out my website http://www.jaychapman.co.uk/ and have a browse..... seriously, I don't mind!! Or simply LIKE me on Facebook, you can receive many updates and even competition. Just visit Facebook and type in the search bar Jay Chapman Make-Up Artist.

Not only that, I own my own makeup/brush range. I'm hoping to turn this into accessories and hopefully into a fashion range one day. But one thing at a time! Again, check this out too

I don't believe fashion, make-up and accessories should be expensive. If anything, we should all enjoy it, no matter what your budget is!


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