Monday, 22 August 2016

Avon Concealer and Colour Correcting Pencils

So last week I had a Avon delivery, as I purchased these Concealer and Colour Correcting Pencils
I was very intrigued to try them out.

The bloggersphere has gone nuts about colour correcting. Hence why I think makeup companies are bringing their own versions out, so they can sell, sell, sell!
 Which is fine. However, the videos that I  have watched on YouTube, no one needs their skin colour correcting. I think its a misconception. You only need to use colours like this on your face if you need them. 

I have done a video on colour correcting myself and explaining how it works. Ill link it HERE

As for the actual pencils, they are very soft in consistency. The pigmentation is good and I like the fact its in pencil form, that way you can be precise on where to put the product. (Sorry about the photo's, I couldn't take myself seriously with this all over my face!!) 

They were easy to blend in, with a damp beauty sponge. However, with a brush it didn't seem to work as well. I found pressing it into the skin was easier for application, rather than swipping.

That being said, I like the coverage and it doesn't show when underneath my foundation. The only thing that did bug me a little was, it went a little dry. It seemed to have made my foundation go a little creasy and chalky looking at first.

Then I tried out the concealer shade. Ok, so let me begin by saying.......
I thought I would do the Kim K contour, conceal and brightening, to really give it a god shot!
To be honest, I hate this way of contouring and I don't feel its good for everyday. But, that is another blog post!

As you can see from the photo, its very white and chalky looking. This is going to suit very limited skin tones. So as a concealer, its not going to work, unless your milk white! As a highlighter, then yes. Although, once blended in, I felt like it sat on the skin, rather that be apart of me. Plus it really sat into my pores. Maybe I should use it underneath my foundation, like the colour correctors?? 

Ok, so once blended in and then I did the rest of my makeup, it doesn't look so bad.....right?
Wrong! It started to crease on my face, super badly after a couple of hours!
I looked like I aged 15 years, in the matter of 2 hours! 

Although, I feel like I need to give this a chance and let you know a couple of things........

*If there are too many products on my face, I crease terribly
*If I layer up to many products, I become super oily and last but not least
*the longevity will only last a few hours, plus it was mega hot in the UK!

I just felt ashy, cakey and overall, not nice!

The colour correctors I would use again, but very thinly and sparingly, under the foundation. As for the concealer, I would use it, but as a highlighter. I definitely would not use this under my eyes or on the forehead. It would literally be down the bridge of the nose, inner eye corner and underneath the brow. It also acts as a god eye primer, when set with a cream coloured powder. So I guess not all is lost.

I had really high hopes for these pencils. But I wouldn't repurchase them again, thats for sure.

Have any of you guys had problems with these pencils?

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