Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sunkissed Self-Tan Mousse Once A Week

This post should have gone up weeks ago!

Sunkissed Self Tan Mousse Once a Week* was kindly sent to me as a PR sample and I have used it on myself and a friend, to get different reviews on different skins types. That way I can give the best feedback for you guys. I chose the colour dark. But I do believe they have bought a whole new range out, for those who want medium or lighter tans.

You can buy it in Superdrug, Primark and online. The actual product is supposed to be applied once a week, and lasts 7 days. Or you can use it as an instant tanner, for those unplanned nights out and your looking for that instant summer-kissed glow.
The formulation is a mousse, that is in a pump action bottle. They sent it with a mitt, which are widely available and in my opinion, the best way to apply a mousse self tanner.
It has an amazing smell, which reminds me of holiday and beaches and sends you off in a dreamy thought about a Caribbean islands and coconuts! 

The mousse is dark in colour, which gives you an easy colour guide on the body. Super easy to apply and very quick drying. 
I left mine on for six hours only, because I felt that I wanted just a sunkissed glow on my skin. Where as my friend (Harriet), left hers on all night.

We both felt that it clung on to the areas like the elbows, feet and hands, even though we moisturised those areas well. But nothing to drastic, and I think that goes for most tans. 
Harriet has a darker skin tone than me, and she also felt it could have been a little darker. However, on me, because I am paler it was actually dark enough, even though I left it on for only six hours. I could have left it on all night, but for the occasion I was attending the next day, I didn't want anything too dark and heavy. 
It wasn't patchy and gave a nice even coverage. The only thing I will say, I needed another coat on my legs (minus the ankles, feet and knees) because they were lighter than the rest of my body. However, that's not Sunkissed's fault. Every time I use a self tanner, whether expensive, spray tan or lower end brands my legs always look lighter *Does anyone else have that problem?*

As for longevity, I would say it lasted for a good 5 days on my upper body and then faded. But needed a top up on legs after 4 days, as they went back to lily ass white fairly quickly! Harriet said the same.

But don't let that put you off, as it all depends on what you wash yourself in, how many times you shower/bath, whether you exercise etc. All these factors count. It does fade evenly and I have to say, it never smelt of biscuits on the skin!

As a whole, I think its a great product for the price and a lovely colour, depending on how long you leave it on for. I have already applied my tan again, as I felt it gave me a boost and confidence within myself. 

Thumbs up from me!


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