Monday, 19 October 2015

W7 Mini Midnight Palette

Halloween is one of my favourite times of year. The pumpkins are carved, people are thinking about fancy dress and best of all, its on a Saturday night this year!

The W7 Mini Midnight Palette (link) came in a box set, which also included a cheek palette and the In The Buff Palette. I actually got the box set from The Original Factory Shop (link) which was about £12.00. I will do a review on the cheek palette also, but I thought I would do them all separately.

I used this eyeshadow palette in my Halloween Video (link) and actually, for this time of year, this palette is perfect!

Purples are quite hard to wear at the best of times. So the fact that this is inexpensive, its not going to break the bank if you only wear it a couple of times of the year.

The Palette is in a tin box, so very secure and it also comes with 6 different shades. As you can see from the picture, it has 1 completely matte, 1 satin finish and 4 shimmery shades. Some of the shimmery shades have very large glittery, glittter particles mixed in. So this is not going to be for everyone. However like I said, great for inexpensive dressing up makeup. Also if your very creative, this palette can work for a lot of different makeup looks.

The colours are actually quite pigmented, but I do feel that you have a lot of fall out. So I recommend doing your eyeshadows first and the your base makeup afterwards. 
They blend really nicely and last well on the eye, but only with an eye primer first. Without, you do find they can be a little chalky.

Im in love with the second shade, which is the wine colour. Such a pretty shade for an autumn smoky eye. Teamed up with some lashes and lashings of eyeliner, you would be good to go!

Have you tried W7 products before? If so, what do you think of them?



  1. I love this palette but i don´t like that only can be purchased on the pack :( sorry for my english XD

    1. couldn't agree more! I wish they would sell it separately