Friday, 17 October 2014

W7 Glow Bronzing Base Wake up and Glow

As autumn is here, I need all the help I can get with looking a little tanned. Not only that, just looking a little alive, would be good right now!

I was shopping in next and I came across some of the W7 range and stumbled upon this little box.


I have heard that this is a copy cat for the Channel Bronze Universel Makeup Base. But, the reason I haven't bought it is because of the £32.00 price tag that comes with it. Not only that, I have read many different reviews about it. Some say its perfect, while others say it gives the Umper Lumper effect! Not a look I really want to go for, for £32!

However, W7 Make UP and Glow (link) was a snippet of the price and comes in just under and £5

They call this a Gel based bronzer that adds a hint of sun kissed colour to your skin. Its very light and slightly mousey textured and its fairly easy to blend in. My personal preference for brushes to apply this with is either a, flat kabuki brush, or a small fluffy blusher brush. Also, as a tip, small circular motions is the best way to apply this. I found using strokes still left some brush marks and left the face looking stripy.

Less is definitely more when using this and add slowly rather than using it in one fell swoop.

I have to admit, on pale skin this comes out far too orange. However, if your like me and like to use a light-medium tan, then this does look a lot better. But if your naturally blessed with more of an olive skin tone, then you will like this product.

 Its matte and great for contouring. But its also great for using as a little pick me up and getting that glossy sunkissed look. 
I found using it both on top of foundation and underneath foundation, works well. So I guess its down to personal preference. However, if your still not sure about the Chanel bronnzer, then try this out for size first. I think its a great bronzer, for the more slightly tanned person!

I'm glad I found this dupe, as I can see it will be used in my makeup routine, for when I am tanned.

Have you tried this before? Or is Channel still your favourite?

Big Love

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