Friday, 13 December 2013

Beauty UK Posh Polish. First Impressions xxx

Hey guys!

This is going to be my first, first impressions post for you today.

These are all great for the Christmas Season. I am particularly loving the colour Berry Burst. Such a beautiful colour. In fact they all are.

Beauty UK are a really affordable makeup brand and prices start at around £2.49 upwards. But, when I say upwards, nothing is too expensive. To be honest, I have never really got anything from the company before. But judging by these amazing quality polishes, I will be trying out some other products for sure. You know me, I love a bargain!

On the swatches I was amazed by how dense the glitters were. Usually I am not a fan of glitter polish because they are just too sheer and they are usually really tight with the glitter! However, not with these, they are jammed packed!

The first too colours (from left too right) have an actual colour base, with glitter added and as you can see the blue has a clear base with blue glitter. On all of the swatches I only applied 2 coats and no top coat. As you can see, with only 2 coats the colour pay off is really great. I cant tell you how they wear and if they wear well, because I haven't actually tried them on my own nails. However, I will be using these in the salon. Also, from my experiment from glitters, they are a real bugger to get off, so I can only imagine that these will be fine!

As soon as my gel polish needs to come off, Berry Burst is definitely going on my tips!

What are your thoughts and have you tried these out?

Big Love

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Day Time Gothic Make Up xxx

Hi Birds!

Something a little different for you today......a video!

Thought I would do a great makeup on Shana and she suits it so well, don't you think?!

We had fun doing it and I have to admit, I feel so much more comfortable with voice overs. More video's from me I thinks! Although, this was a nightmare to edit. But I got there in the end!

We used a lot of highstreet brands and some high end products too, so you can really mix and match to get your desired look.

Go check it out guys

Big Love

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Skinetica xxx

Skineticais UK based skin toner, that really shouts from the rooftops about its brand. It only uses 4 ingredients in every bottle and they even says its fast acting, skin clearing and kind to skin. They don't use any harsh chemicals and great for people who suffer with oily, acne skin.

I was really intrigued to give this a go, as we all know my skin can be a douche from time to time!!! Although, I have to say, before I tried this, its been really great....hurahhhh!

I cleansed my face as per usual and then I grabbed my cotton wool pads and poured on the Skinetica solution on to it. There is a slight smell to the solution, but its not potent. It just smells very clean and fresh. I ran the cotton wool all over my face, avoiding the eye area and just waited for the wetness to dry. This process doesn't take long at all. Once it had dried, I then took my everyday moisturiser and slapped a good old dollop on to my face and rubbed it in. So nothing has changed in my skin care, apart from the Skinetica toner.

The Results

In one of my YouTube video's, I went on about the toner from boots a lot. It costs about £1.70, and for me, as a toner, it does a great job without irritating my skin. So Skinetica had a lot to live up too and for £9.99, it had to work wonders right?

WRONG! My skin broke out massively and it's just recovering. Now I know that my skin (as said before) can be bad. However, it has been great and I think I have really found my niche to good skin. I don't think I will ever have great skin, but I know for a fact that Skinetica made it worse. I had many dry patches, which is very unlike my skin, as I am super oily. Plus my skin felt really tight and crispy. I only tried this for 4 days and it just didn't work for me and I paid the price hugely. 

I don't want to put any you off, as what may not work for me, it could work for you. Also, I panic a lot about my skin and in fairness, Skinetica Toner could have been a new product for my skin to get used to. But I couldn't give any more time to try, as I was looking like a pizza face! Not so yummy! But as soon as I stopped using it, my skin seemed to be calmer. The only thing I can think of that didn't agree with me, is the ethyl alcohol.

I'm sorry that this was a thumbs down review. If you have tried this and it has worked for you, then please leave me a comment below.

Big Love

Monday, 2 December 2013

Santa Baby xxx

Its the most wonderful time of the year....................................

That's right my Birdys, we are now in December and Christmas is literally peering its head around the corner for all of us to get excited about! Also, throughout December I will be having all of my blog pics with the lovely sprig of holly, (as you see in this post) and lots of other, lovely, background celebrations!

So let me kick off with the Santa Baby Lip Scrub and Lip Tint from Lush

Now in the blogging world, I see Lush products all the time. To be totally honest, it's something that has never really appealed to me. Maybe because I have to travel miles to get to a shop?! However, when I heard that they were going to be at the South West Bloggers Meet, I was very interested to see their products.

Lip scrubs are somewhat crazy in the bloggers-sphere at the moment, so I though I would treat myself to one.

The Santa's lip scrub is really cute and great for a stocking filler. First of all it smell amazing and it also tastes delicious! The lip scrubs are made with all edible ingredients, so if you accidentally lick it off, don't worry, it wont hurt you. The ingredients contain caster sugar, extract of cherry and dates and many others like, edible hearts. It has a cherry cola smell and taste, and a little product is all you need. Just pick some up with either your finger or a small spatula, put it on your lips and rub in with your finger tip, with small circular motions. This will get rid of any dry/dead skin. Once finished, I then get a damp cotton pad and remove. The thought of eating dead skin, doesn't really appeal to me! Pat dry and slather on your favourite lip balm. VoilĂ ! Sexy, soft, kissable, Christmas Lips!

For those perfect, bitten like lips, I then suggest you get your little mitts on the Santa Baby Lip Tint.

Its the perfect size to carry around in your handbag or pocket and actually, I think its really pigmented. So a little on your finger and patted onto the lips, actually gives you a nice colour, without looking drenched in lippy. Perfect for any winters night out! But please remember, this is not a lip balm. If you put this on after your lip scrub, all it will do is completely dry out the lips. But as a lip tint, I think its the perfect colour for this season. Santa will be proud!

Have you used this little combo before?

Big Love