Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Olay Regenerist 30 Second Wrinkle Filler xxx

Hey My Birds!

I feel almost depressed writing this post. Even the title makes me wanna cry....'Wrinkle Filler' Doesn't sound good for me, does it?!

So I saw this on offer, in a shop called the Factory Shop. I think usually it costs around £18.00, but I got it for a bargain price of £3.00. It was in one of those sale bins by the till and for that price, it would have been rude not to buy it!

Its packaging is pretty basic. Its very similar to the porefessional by Benefit. However, it does have a very slender applicator that is very easy to use and it makes it very precise for application.

I like the fact that you can use it without putting it on your fingers and not have the worry of squeezing out too much. It very controllable and great for putting on the areas where needed.

As per usual, it has instructions on the back and directs that it needs to be used after a moisturiser and apply small amount to the prone areas. I applied it around my eyes, forehead, around my mouth and chin. In fact, pretty much everywhere!
The texture is very soft and feels very silicone based. It almost feels a little oily, which did worry me as I thought, it could make me look very greasy throughout the day. Although, I have tried it under my makeup for most of this week, and to be honest I really, really like it.


Its very lightweight when on the skin and it seems to even out my skin tone slightly. Once I have covered the areas needed, I then put on my makeup as usual. In a nut shell, its a primer! But a very good one at that. It lets my foundation glide on easily, holds my makeup into place, last all day and doesn't crease and does fill in my fine lines. My skin feels super soft overall once its on.

I really like this product and if you compare it to the porefessional by Benefit, thats £22, then £18 a tube for the Olay 30 Second Wrinkle Filler is not bad after all.

Have you tried this before? If so, what did you think of it?



Monday, 28 October 2013

Lemon Aid by Benefit

Sorry for not so many post last week. Halloween nails are all the craze at the moment. I have done quite a few sets! Anyhow.............................

I was really lucky to be given the Lemon Aid Eye Primer By Benfit*

This has been round for donkeys years! I have to admit, when it comes to an eye primer, Urban Decay Primer Potion has never let me down. However, you know me, I am always willing to give anything ago! If not on me, then on my clients!

Its different to most eye primers that I am used too, first of all it comes in a flat pot and the colour is yellow. I actually really like the packaging and on the plus side, it does come with a little mirror. The actual primer reminds me of a concealer, and I am guessing that is because of the colour. However, they have made it this colour, for people who suffer with either dark or reddish pigmentation on the eyelids.

Its very thick in consistency, so you only need a very small amount. I have used this quite a few times now and I have to say, that I am really impressed with this primer. I put it on with my ring finger, that way you are are warming up the product from your body heat, for easy application. Other wise, it could drag a little in such a delicate place. So warming it up is vital and I don't think it will apply so well with a brush..

It really does hide any pigmentation. Also, I do find it is great for under my eye concealer. It helps stop the creasing, takes any darkness away and it helps the concealer last a lot longer. Although, when putting it in this area, smaller amount the better, or it will do the opposite and look horrendous. Think less is more.

As you can see from the picture above, when using this primer, your eyeshadows are super intensified. I have used the same shadow for both swatches. They look like completely different eyeshadows, don't they? I used the Barry M Dazzle Dust, in the colour 75. Which is a green pigment (just incase you didn't know!) Barry M Dazzles Dust Pigments are pretty awesome without primer anyways. But look how awesome the colour is, when you use the Benefit Lemon Aid. The proof is in the pudding from the pics.

Have you used this before? If not, you should try it. Its worth every penny @ £16.50, because it does so many things in one. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Thursday, 24 October 2013

John Frieda Luxurious Volume For Fine Hair + Competition Time! xxx

First of all I would like to thank John Frieda *cough* and Hannah, for sending me these products. They are greatly appreciated.
I would like to inform ALL readers, even though that they were given to me, I will still provide my full, 110% honest review.

I am John Frieda fan and from time to time (about once a week to be precise!) I do use their Sheer Blonde Range. The only reason that I use it once a week, is because I like to use many different shampoos and conditioners. I use them on alternate days, as sometimes I feel that I may need to pump my hair full of keratin or maybe, I just need to use a deep conditioning range. So yeah, I use whatever I feel that my hair is in need for, at the time!

My hair strands are fine, I just have a lot of them, which makes my hair reasonably thick. Also, my hair is very long, pass my bra strap, which can then lead my hair to be very flat and lanky. So when John Frieda contacted me to try out their volume range, I was very delighted.  

First of all, I washed my hair with the
Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner.
(In the voice of Janice from friends) OOOOH MYYYY GAAAD! The smell is so, so good. So good, that you could almost eat it! Its so fresh and if you are using this in the morning, it will make you feel super zingy and awake! 

The Shampoo claims that it cleanses without stripping for a natural look and feel.  
I use only a small amount for my long hair and it does really lather up, plus the suds do feel soft on the hair, but yet cleansing.

The Conditioner claims that it detangles while conditioning for a natural look and feel. 
Usually, I can tell in an instance whether a conditioner is going to be good for my hair, due to the feel of it when in the bath or shower. Again, a little goes a long way and I can honestly say that I felt this, was going to make my hair feel silky and soft.

Once I have finished those 2 steps, I then rinse my hair and then as usual, "ring it out." When ringing my hair out, I'm not sure if its just me, it does feel thicker in my hands, once I have used this, compared to any of my other shampoos and conditioners. Now, I know my hair is full of water, which in theory is going to make it feel thicker. But this makes it feel totally different. I guess what I am trying to say, it doesn't feel super slimy and silky after I have used another conditioner?!! It does feel thicker, even at this stage.
I then towel dry and next I use the:

Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster

Again, the smell is incredible and the bottle is a great size for easy, to handle use. It states on the bottle that it 
lifts roots for extra crown volume
It also directs that this should be used, just on the crown area. So this is exactly what I do! Part my hair in about five different sections at the crown area and spray in the roots only.  
Next, I then use the Fine to Full Blow Out Spray 

This is actually a miniature bottle, however you can get bigger sizes. And yes, the smell is a beaut!
I use this in the other sections of my roots, obviously avoiding my crown area. It states that it
Creates Natural Fullness For The Look and Feel of More Hair.
Then what I do is, I just massage my scalp and disperse all the product in the root area and then try and bring it down the hair shaft. Then style as desired.
I usually just dry it with a heat protection!

The Results

Who ever is reading this and you want full, voluptuous hair, for a fair price, then this stuff must be in your hair care routine. There is a massive difference! My hair smells great, feels weightless and it also lasts a long time, in between washes. Not only that, if your one of the clever ones and can actually blow dry your hair with a round brush, then I bet your hair will be as tall as Marge Simpsons! I am seriously impressed. So impressed, I have even gone out to buy it for my mum and sisters. So thank you John Frieda, my bank balance is now going to be even smaller, because I will buying this all the ruddy time!!


John Frieda are doing massive giveaways on their FACEBOOK PAGE everyday, until the 28/10/2013. You too, can win anything from bottles of shampoo and conditioner, facials or hair tools. Click on the facebook link above, like their page and see what you can win. Its as easy as that!



Monday, 21 October 2013

MUA Makeup Monday Madness #5 xxx

When I heard that MUA launched a matte eyeshadow palette, my stomach did a few somersaults with joy. I had to get it straight away!

The Ever After palette has 10 matte shades, each containing a large pan for each colour, a sponge applicator and the whole palette cost me, yep another £4.00. Insanely cheap!

It has the perfect shades for any season and there is something for everyone too, what ever skin tone you are.

The shadows even have names to them now, which they didn't before. I have to admit, I prefer the fact that they have names rather than numbers. They are pretty cute names too!

However, when it came to using this palette, I was so disappointed. I know, I am disappointed in a MUA product! 
As you can see from the swatches, half of the colours you can barely see. This took a few rubs on each colour too! They seem really chalky when on the skin and when blended, you have almost brushed the product away, into almost nothing.
The first 4 colours seem identical to each other. They don't embrace their own colours, and the colours Fade and Chino, nearly blend into the skin. If wearing any of these colours, then I certainly recommend, 100% that you wear a primer first. It will help grab the colour and make it look stronger.

Not all is lost though. This palette is great for contouring and using on the eyebrows and also the colour Charcoal is great for giving depth to the eye. However, it seems like a big palette to keep with you just for eyebrows and contouring, when you know the other colours (for me) will never get used.

I'm sorry MUA, these eyeshadows did not tickle my taste buds this time!

What did you think of them?


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara xxx

What do high end mascaras have on high street mascaras? I read so many blogs that the Clarins Wonder Perfect was simply, well, perfect!

First of all what stunning packaging. Feels lovely in the hands, very slender and feel very glamorous! I really do like swiping this out of my handbag, coz it just looks great, doesn't it?!

To be honest, I have never really gone for Clarins makeup. Skincare products, yes! But never makeup products. I'm not sure why? Its just never really occurred to me, that's all!

So what is the product like, your probably all wondering?! Well for a WHOPPING £21, I think that's a little crazy for a mascara. However, I heard so many great things, I thought I would give it a bash!

The wand is everything that I want in a mascara. So for me, this little wand head is perfect. Really gets at the base of the lashes and you can really zig zag your way up to the tip, without any problems. Plus, coating the bottom lashes is non-problematic too. However, me personally, the formula felt and looked really clumpy. I know that some people like that, but it just didn't sit well with me. I like really defined lashes, with lots of body and length. 
I notice as well, that at the end of the day, it transfers underneath my bottom lash line. Not so great when your dealing with clients all day. Which seems weird, because getting this little sucker off at the end of the day, does not leave! Its almost like a gel consistency, that moves around the eye area and needs lots of make-up remover and gentle rubbing to get it off.  

For the packaging, Clarins get a good 10/10 from me. Its sleek and sexy. But for the actual product, I'm really disappointed. Lets not argue the fact, for £21 we should be getting the false lash effect.

I'm sorry Clarins, this was not for me. In future, I will be sticking to high street brands, as I find most of them, without a doubt, better and better value.

Has anyone else tried this and been disappointed? Leave comments below, I really value your thoughts.


Monday, 14 October 2013

Sunkissed Tan

We are all looking for that sunskissed tan, especially when autumn seems to arrive. Well, I do anyways! I seem to become lifeless, pasty and blue when the cold sets in! So what better way to perk yourself up, other than with a wee glow.

Now, without sounding big headed, I know my tans pretty well. I trained in London to become a tan expert and not only that, I know the perfect way to get the best looking tan from most tanning range. So if you carry on reading, I will share with you my top tips!
But first of all lets talk about the Instant Self Tanning Mousse, in the colour Dark Bronze by Sunkissed.

I actually picked this little baby up in Primark. Now some of you are probably thinking...."Are you crazy?!"
Well to some of you, maybe I am? However, most tanning products have the same basics in them. They may add a few extra ingredients to make it their own product. But, they all work the same by reacting with your sugars on the surface of your skin. So no, cheap brands don't scare me. Infact, I think sometimes they are better.

Ok, ok......yes it looks like someone or something has done a massive poop on my hand! But, I can assure you that this is safe. This is the colour of the mousse when pumped out and then, when you rub it into the skin, you do have slight heart failure, with the words "holy feck" going around inside your head! It really looks like you have rolled around in pigs swill! The colour is INTESNE! However, I do like it when they have a colour guide, because I need to know where I have been. That way you haven't missed any parts.

In my eyes, you always need a tanning mitt and gloves when working with mousse. The reason for that is; if you just use your naked hand, 
Number 1: it will stain your palm, 
Number 2: the mouse will dissolve into a watery mess and  
Number 3: your tan will 99% of the time, go streaky (never a good look!) 

We want sunkissed goddess, not streaky pig bacon! 

A little goes a long way and because you use a mitt, the mousse is then soaked up, and that way, you can spread it over the skin very easily. The whole process, took me about 10 minutes (with the help of my partner. He had to do my back!)

So as you can see the before and after picture, there is only very slight difference. But, I think this is the perfect colour, when we are hitting the winter. It does give you that perfect healthy glow. So for me, its a winner.

However, if you are someone who is looking for a darker tan or who is darker skinned than myself (and I am very pale) then this product wont be for you. In some ways, it can be miss leading. You would think that the label insinuates that its going to be a dark tan. Even when you put it on, you think to yourself, that you may not leave it on for the full 8 hours, because it is so intense. However, most of it washes off. And yes, I even slept in mine, so I had it on longer than 8 hours.

In a nutshell, I love this tan! It smells gorgeous like coco butter, it is very easy to apply and does not cling to any of the parts such as writs and elbows. The colour is pwerfect! But do keep in mind that this wont be for someone who wants that dark, rich look.


  • The night before you tan, exfoliate either in the shower or bath, shave (if you shave) and then dry yourself well and then moisturise EVERYWHERE (well almost everywhere!!). If you moisturise on the day of the tan, it will only act as a barrier. Hence a streaky tan.
  • The day of your tan, don't wear any deodorant. Your pits will go green (great if you were wanting to look like Shrek!) 
  • If your using mousse, use a tanning mitt, at the very least. Even better, wear gloves and a mitt, as sometimes the tan will soak through the mitt and onto your palms, staining them.
  • Do your hands and feet last. There will be enough tan on the mitt to cover them. Best to use less, as these parts of the body can become very dry.
  • Get a face wipe and wipe each individual nail on hands a feet, also wipe palms and the part in between each finger (the webbed bit of skin, part!) 
  • Wear very loose clothing 
  • Sit back and then go to bed (but don't sweat and no sex!!!)
  • In the morning, wash off until the colour runs clear. Only use soap where you need too!
  • Pat dry only
  • Moisturise everyday, preferably with an oil free moisturiser. (Oils can take off your tan quicker)  
  • Exfoliate every 2 days very lightly. This will lighten the tan gradually, instead of fading patchy.  

Hope this helps you all and let me know how you get on. Plus if you want to buy sunkissed tan, just click here


Friday, 11 October 2013

Are You A Product Snob?!?!?

Hey My Beautiful Birds!

Ok, so the title may seem harsh to some of you. But, lets get down to business!

We know, some of you out there, somewhere, only like top, high-end beauty brands. Am I correct?!
Come on, you don't have to lie to me, I know that there are some of you, if not, a lot of you out there, who ONLY like top, top beauty brands!

Believe me, there is nothing wrong with that and if we could all afford high end products, surely we would all buy expensive products, right?

Well, I can't speak for everyone else, but I know I like both! Yes, I am not ashamed to say it...........

My name is Jay Chapman, I am a makeup artist and I LOVE highstreet/cheap beauty products. There, I said it!

The reason I am saying/writing this is because, in my years of makeup and beauty, I have come across a few 'intrigued' people! They are very interested in booking me for weddings or parties, because they have seen my work, and then all of a sudden, because they have asked me what products I use (I reply anything from high-end products to highstreet products) they then cancel on me. One bride was actually honest and said, because I don't use all M.A.C cosmetics, I cannot be her wedding makeup artist! 

Laughable or reality? Should I be using ALL high-end products?

In my opinion, no I shouldn't and I don't have any doubt in my statement what so ever. People then say, well what am I paying for?

Well, I have come across many "makeup artists" in my time who only use super expensive products. I mean products like YSL, Burberry, Estee Lauder, Trish McEvoy...........the list is endless. But, sometimes there work has been shoddy and totally unprofessional. Half of the products they own, they don't even know what they are for or where to put them! In my opinion, that is laughable!

BUT, because they have used all high-end make-up, that makes it ok????

Its not what you use, its how you use it, is what I say!

Like I said before I use anything from MAC, to MUA. As long as my client feels 100% confident and I have 100% confidence in the product, I WILL USE IT. In my opinion, clients are paying for my expertise. I research, I am trained, I still train and I am ALWAYS teaching and learning.
As you all know, I love MUA products, but not only that, I love Christian Dior products too. I pick bits from all brands. I am VERY lucky and blessed, as I am a blogger, a makeup artist and I own my salon. So therefore, my clients and I are very honoured to have the pick of the bunch. But if I didn't have the above, I would still go out and buy any products, at any price. As long as they work and do what they are supposed to do, then its a winner for me!

Are you a product snob? Are you a beauty saver? Or are you plain greedy like me and love it all?

Comments below please, I am seriously intrigued to your thoughts.

BIG LOVE      

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hey birdys!

New video up and what can I say apart from, it so much fun to do! A massive thank you to Danni, for helping me out!

Big Love

Monday, 7 October 2013

MUA Makeup Monday Madness #4

My love for MUA products is quite apparent! I haven't done one of these post for a while, as I don't want to ram it down your necks. But then again, their products are HA-MAZIN, so I'm sure you won't mind!

I have a little trio for you today:

The MUA Nail Polish in the colour Fever Red

The MUA Matte Lipstick in the colour Scarlet Siren

The MUA Lip Pencil in the colour Red Drama

and let me just point out, these 3 products cost me 3 pounds. £1 each to be exact!

So lets start with the nail polish:

The bottles remind me of the Essie Nail Polishes. I like the packaging and to be honest, I like the fact that they are small bottles, so you tend to use it up quicker. Rather than a big bottle and it going gloopy after a while.
The quality of the nail polishes are fantastic and the colour pay off is great. If you were in a rush, you could get away with one coat. Although, for a really intense colour, I do like 2 coats. Also, I have found that I don't need a top coat. The finish is great and they do last a long time on the nail.

Moving on to the lipstick

3 words WOW, WOW, WOW! The colour is perfect and they have got it SOOOO right with this matte lipstick. It doesn't dry out my lips, its very long wearing, the quality is fan-ruddy-tastic and I am in love! This will certainly be going into my professional kit and plus, one for myself of course! In fact, I will be getting all of the colours because for the price, these are awesome! WHOEVER READS THIS, GO AND BUY THEM NOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

Last and certainly not least, the Lip Pencil

Another great product and I love it that it comes with a sharpener. Again, for one pound, its insane! The colour pay off is immense, they don't drag on the skin, they are not drying and again, I am super in love. Goes perfectly with the matte lipstick in Scarlet Siren and I can honestly say, 100 percent, that these 3 products will be my go to product, for the Autumn.

MUA, you are on fire. Such a fantastic company and its great that we can all afford great quality products at such a low price. If you wanna check any of these or any of their products out then just click here.

In the mean time my little birds, I will leave you with my mug shot! Of course I have on the lipstick and pencil mentioned! Isn't it gawjus? (the lipstick, of course!!)

 Big Love

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Avon Infinitize Mascara

Hey My Little Birds!

In my last video (to watch click here), I stated that I absolutely love Avon Mascara's. 
That I do, and for a very long time, I have had this mascara in my 'blogging pile'.

From time to time I have used it and then put it back. But this week I have given it a really good go, so I can share with you my thoughts.

As always, lets start with the packaging......ORANGE! Ok, so I can deal with an orange mascara. Lets face it, you are never gonna loose it amongst the other bits and bobs in your make-up bag! Its very slender, with silver text and all joking a side, it actually feels nice to hold, along with the wand cap too.

The wand reminds me of the Benefit, They're Real. Plastic, with very sparse bristles and at the end of the wand, you have a ball of bristles, that are great for the bottom lashes. However, this wand curves slightly, unlike the Benefit They're Real. I have to admit, it does take getting some used too, but like anything, it's like riding a bike after so many goes!

The Important Bit: What is it supposed to do?

Well on their website it claims that it Contains lash sculpting, lengthening fibres and curling molecule to help shape and set lash curve and length for 24 hours.

Well, anybody that wears their mascara for 24 hours, must be crazy! First of all, I can't stay awake for longer than about 15 hours and second of all, why would you want to wear mascara for 24 hours??!! And just for the record, I am NOT wearing this for 24 hours just to share with you!
But, what I can tell you is that, it does last well on the eyelashes. I am up most mornings at 7am and have my make-up on by 8am. Then I work all day and probably don't wash my face until about 9pm. 13-14 hours of wearing mascara is good enough, surely? 

I notice that it doesn't crumble away plus, I have it in black, and black it does stay. I am not gonna say it's the best mascara out there, as I do find it a little wet? Although, like most mascara's, maybe after a couple of weeks use, it will get better. I'm sure it will. 

As for the little ball of bristles at the end of the wand, I think this is great. Here are some photos of before and after.............

So in a nut shell, yes I think it's a good mascara. I think for £10.00 it's a little pricey. But, as you can see, after 2 coats there is a considerable big difference. 

What do you think?? Let me know in the comments below.

If you want to buy the product, check out Avons website here


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss

So, I thought I would finally give in and buy one of the Kate Moss Lipsticks. Ok, so I bought 2! *slap on the wrist*

I thought for the price (£5.49) it wasn't going to break the bank. I got the colours in number 26 and in number 12. Thought I could really go to town, and have one for more of the day time look and then a darker colour, for more of an evening look.

So I am gonna start with the packaging and say that its really great and for the price, I don't think you can expect anything more. Its fully black, with Kate's signature and a little heart. Also, it has the Rimmel crown logo on the top and Rimmel's text around the middle of the lipstick tube, which is very shiny and metal like. Also, these are great to keep in your handbag as the tops don't slip off, unlike some other lipsticks. It completely sucks when your favourite lipstick has coated your handbag, like a child with crayons! Not only that, when you DO find it amongst the clutter, the lipstick bullet is then dented with lots of fluff on it....yum! Well, I can assure you that this does not happen with these!!

So number 26 is a very light nude.Great for the day time or great if your wearing a strong smoky eye, and number 12 is a coral/reddish colour. Great with a very simple eye make-up. They are very opaque pigment and 1 or 2 swipes is all you need. They have a good shine and velvety like touch when on the lips and actually feel lovely and moisturising. They say on the website that they last for up to 8 hours.............
Yeah, only if you just sat down and did or said NOTHING!!! However, saying that there longevity on the lips is pretty good!

I can honestly say for a drug store lippy, these are a pleasure to wear and I will definitely will be buying more. I will even put these in my profesh make-up kit! If you wanna check out more colours then CLICK HERE

Big Love