Monday, 30 September 2013

Veil Cover Cream

Sometimes a foundation or a concealer just doesn't cut it. Especially, when you want that tattoo covered up, what you got done when you were 16 years old and now your walking down the isle for that big special day.
Or sadly, you got burnt and it has left you with either severe redness and damaged skin in places, that you just don't want the world to see.

Whatever the reason maybe, there are special types of make-up to help with all sorts of skin problems.

The one that I know of and that I know of well, is the Veil Cover Cream. To be honest, the picture you see is actually the old style of products. I have had mine a while, but it's still going strong!

I have had mine a while, only because the smallest amount (and when I mean smallest, I mean tiny!) Goes seriously a long, long way. The consistency in the texture has a very velvety feel, thick (but not cakey) and its super/super pigmented. 

If you are a make-up artist or training to be one or your simply looking for something to cover high pigmentation, then this is the palette for you. As you can see it ranges from light to very dark colours and it even comes in other colours, to colour correct skin pigmentation. Not only that, it come with a small pot of finishing powder, to lock in the foundation. 

This is actually a demonstration kit. But perfect for someone like me, as I usually go to do a wedding make-up and someone has always got a tattoo that they want covering. And because it has all the correction colours, it usually covers in no time.

It costs around £40, but seriously worth every penny. Not only that, if you go to their website there are many tutorials, helpful info and you can even give them a call for that extra great bit of customer service. They have tons of other products, and even skin care. Definitely go check them out. CLICK HERE

Lots of love

Jay xxx 

Sunday, 29 September 2013

New Video on Youtube! #jbirdchapman

Hey chumps!

Just a quick heads up and to tell you that I am finally back on youtube! But, let's face it, I never really stayed and the first 2 are cringe!! However, need to keep them, as it makes me learn from my mistakes! So enjoy, if you want to, please subscribe, it's totally free and hopefully I'll see you every Sunday! 


Jay xxx

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Congested Skin? xxx

I have decided to come off my acne pills, as I realised that my pigmentation in my skin was becoming more noticeable. So more care to my skin is needed by good healthy eating, exercise and a good skin routine, me thinks!

I have been off my pills now for about 3-4 weeks and although I have been getting some really sore, underneath the skin blemishes, they haven't really formed into anything. Somehow, I would like to think that my changed habits are making a difference!

Into my skin care routine, I have added a mud mask once/twice a week, hoping that my congested skin would, 'all of a sudden' rejuvenate itself.

The Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Mask was staring at me in the face in Holland and Barrett! At £7.99 a tube, I thought it wasn't going to break the bank to give it a wee trial!

I have used it a couple of times and I have to say that I am very impressed with the results. I tend to use this on a Sunday, whilst having my "me" time and that way, it can stay on the skin a lot longer, whilst I'm soaking up the bubbles in the bath!

It has a great smell, with a subtle undertone of earthiness to it. Also, it doesn't irritate my skin at all. Its is a deep grey in colour and dries lighter once been on the skin for a while and then cracks and hardens up.

As you can see from my beautiful picture, that I go around the eyes, as this is the most delicate part of the face, also you only need a thin layer to cover the whole face. Then I leave it on as long as I want.

To take off the product, I take a clean fresh flannel, run it under warm water and then place it all over the entire face. Leave it for a minute, then the steam will start to loosen the mask. Wipe away and keep rinsing and wiping until clean. Then as soon as I am out the bath and dried, I then moisturise.

My skin feels awesome afterwards and I feel that all the small, congested little bumps are dispersing a lot quicker than usual. Not only that, my foundation seems to be going on a lot smoother too.

Which mud mask do you use? Comment below.

Lots of Love

Jay xxx  

Monday, 23 September 2013

A Bronzed Glow xxx

So, is a bronzed glow just for summer?

I tend to think we can where it any time of year, especially for autumn. It brightens any complexion and makes us feel instantly radiant.

At the moment I am loving the Avon Glow Powder Eyeshadow in the colour Bronze Glow.

It is perfect for summer and autumn. You can even add some winter sparkle, and wear this around the Christmas time, to add some luminosity without looking like a shiny disco ball!  

Its a very light, loose pigment powder that comes in a small bottle. Great to put in your handbag for any touch ups whilst on a night out, as it also comes with a little sponge applicator, that is in built in the lid.

The colour pay off is immense and the powder is super fine and really easy to blend. This colour would look great by itself or all over the lid with a cranberry/burnt red in the crease, to really give it the autumnal feel. It has a slight shimmer too, to really brighten up any dull eyes or better still, add as a highlight on top of the cheek bones!

This would look super fantastic on blue eyes. However, if you too want that glamorous feel, whatever eye colour you are, then this will suit all!

This is an absolute must for this season, so go and check out your nearest avon rep or you can simply order off line @

Ciao For Now

Jay xxx

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Hello again Chums!

I have had this foundation for quite a while now and have given it a good run for it's money!

I have the shade number 4, which is too dark for me. But, thought it would look good if I had a tan. The reason I was drawn to it, is because it is oil free and has no SPF in it. Thought it was a good price at around £26.00 for 30ml, plus it has loads of added benefits in the foundation. It includes green tea, Matrixyl 3000, (which is great for wrinkles) and extra vitamins. It doesn't stop there either, they say that it feels like your wearing nothing on the skin, yet transforms your complexion! WOW! Is there anything that this foundation CANNOT DO?????

Ok, hold your horses beauty lovers. There is a but with this foundation and a very big one at that..........

Yes, it is weightless. Yes, it feel amazing on the skin and Yes the coverage is good. BUT, it does not last on the face for people who have oily skin. If anything, I think it makes you look really shiny, also it really does move on the skin after a couple of hours and goes darker once the oil has worked its way through the product on your face.

However, I do not hate this foundation. This would be great for people who have normal to dry skin, as I am sure it will give life to their face. I think I was just naive because it was oil free, it would be great for my skin. Plus, not only that, the Urban Decay girls sucked me in to their waffle about the foundation! Sorry Girls!

As I said at the beginning, I have given it a good run for its money and have tried every way to make it better for my skin. The way that it worked for me is, with the Benefit porefessional primer, underneath the foundation, then applied a sheer coat of the naked skin and then blotted with the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. This routine definitely lasted the longest on my skin. 

May not be the best foundation for moi! But, I will certainly keep it in my kit for my professional work.

Lots of Love

Jay xxx