Friday, 12 April 2013

Oil Slick! xxx

I can't tell you how much I love this stuff! It's like oily gold (if there is such a thing?!)

About 3 weeks ago I bought a huge tub of coconut oil and I am half way through it already. Holland and Barrett were having a great deal running in their store, where you buy the most expensive product and buy the second for a penny.

I have heard many times that coconut oil is one of the best oils you can buy. You can cook with it, eat it, slather your hair in it, put it in a nice hot bath, rub it in your skin.....oh yes, this oil is all singing and dancing. You can do anything with it!! Ok, maybe it doesn't walk the dogs or wash up the dishes, but in the beauty community, it has a lot of benefits!

As you can see it solidifies into a white colour. But as soon as you take some out and it starts to warm up, it runs clear. I love the smell of it too. Obviously it has a coconut smell, but its not over powering or fake. Its a real fresh smell and remind me of a hot summers day!

I have bleached hair and I'm super paranoid that its always drying out. So about twice a week I cover my hair in it, tie it up and sleep in it over night. This way your hair sucks up all the nutrients over a long period of time. Then I wash and style my hair as normal in the morning. The results are amazing and my hair feels super shiny and soft. Not only that, I have quite bad skin. I suffer with acne, eczema and inflamed areas. But again, I put this on at night and my face always seems calmer and soft.

I could go on, with what to do with this oil. The lists are endless and the effects are super beneficial. There is tonnes of info about this oil, so please squat up on it and see what a difference it will make for you!

The tub cost me £14.99 I do believe. But let me share a little tip with you. In Holland and Barrett there are 2 types of tubs you can buy. Buy the big green tub. 1) it is way bigger 2) it works out cheaper, but you get more for your money 3) it's 100% coconut oil which is the best and 4) you can cook with it too! They do another pot and it states it only for hair and skin. Its a smaller pot, not that much cheaper and guess what it contains???? 100% coconut oil. Just because it states that its for hair and skin, doesn't mean its better for you. So there is no difference. The only difference is the price and the size. Also stay clear away from the ones that contain other ingredients. All you need is 100% COCONUT OIL!

Also, did you know that Miranda Kerr is a huge fan of coconut oil? Oh yes, check out her webpage for more tips and tricks. I have and I am hoping I will wake up one day looking like her!!!!!!

Lots of Love

Jay xxx

Thursday, 4 April 2013

New Make-Up Tutorial!

Hi guys! I know that I have never been the best at blogging on here. However, I am in the process of making video's. But, this little bit of space won't be forgotten about and I shall post on here every Wednesday.

Lots of Love 

Jay xxx