Friday, 22 March 2013

New Youtube Channel! xxx

Ok, so it's not the best and the more and more I played it back to myself, the worse it got for me! So I shortened it ALOT, because I can ramble on!! Anyways, here is to my new blogging world...........Don't worry I won't forget to write on here! I will be uploading a new video every Monday and Friday and I shall blog on here every Wednesday's! Thanks for watching.

Lots of Love

Jay xxx 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


First of all what a fabulous name and second of all, I was soooooo lucky to be invited to a Benefit event in Boots Bristol, Broadmead. It was lovely to meet so many great and talented ladies! But most of all, a huge thank you to two super duper ladies.......Lucy (left) and Sophie (right). They were the 2 gals who organised the event and gave out some great products too. They made the event super fun and very informative! They have also re-grown my love for Benefit products!

FINE ONE ONE-Sheer Brightening Colour for cheeks and lips........................

I'm obsessed with this product!

Look at the rose-gold packaging........cute and shiny!

You could even use it as a mirror...????

Ok, maybe not!

However, this is such a lovely product and I'm am thrilled to have it in my make-up kit. It can be used for so many things.

The actual make-up comes in 3 strips. A highlighter (Pink Champagne), a sheer pink (Sheer Watermelon) and a sheer peach (Soft Coral). You can use it, so that you can create depth, colour and highlight in one easy swoop motion from the apples of your cheeks, up the cheek bone and then upto the temple. You then easily blend the stripes in with either, your finger tips or with a small blending brush. Easy Ay?!!


The Soft Coral would go in the hollows of your cheek, watermelon on the cheek bone and the highlighter on top of your cheek bones. You could even use the highlighter on your cupids bow, down the centre of your nose or underneath your eyebrows. Such a nifty little sucker and I love it! It doesn't make me look greasy or shiny and it's great for any skin tone too.

It will cost you £23.50 and for a lovely pigmented product, I think it's definitely worth a buy! Also if you live in the Somerset area, go and check out the girls in Boots, Broadmead, Bristol. They will really help you out and get you to buy the perfect product!

So ladies, if your in a beauty emergency and you seriously need the perfect pick me up, then go and purchase yourself this product!


Defo check out my next blog, as its a corker! It's another Benefit product and I was really lucky to see it and purchase one, before it went on sell last stay tuned!