Thursday, 7 February 2013

Who Owns Who?!?!?!? xxx

So, as you probably know I do make-up on mainly brides, work for national newspapers and work with photographers.  A lot of people ask me, what is your make-up kit like and do you only use M.A.C Cosmetics?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Skull and Crowns xxx

At least every year in the Spring, we are graced with skull and cross bone scarves. There are many about that you can buy. Some very cheap and some super expensive. You can also buy them in many different colours. But the ones that always crop up in the fashion scene, are the black and white.

This picture is from Boudi, which is an online store and this particular scarf is £55.00

Although that the scarf above is completely stunning and clearly I need it in my life!! I thought I would go with something that had a slight twist to it!

The scarves that I have purchased (and that I'm going to sell myself!) are made from a chiffon linen, they are long a very floaty and they also have crowns on them. I thought that these would be perfect for the spring, as they won't be too hot, but will really make a fashion statement to any wardrobe.

They come in 2 colours, as you can see form the photo's. Also they are going to be super cheap at only £5.00 each. Bargain!

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Monday, 4 February 2013

Metallic Eyes xxx

The other day I picked up this 17 Wild Metallic Eyes, in the colour Wild Bronze. It cost me £3.99 and its a cream shadow........and do you know what? I AM LOVING IT! It's like my own pot of gold!

It's very creamy in consistency and if you wanted to wear it on the eye by itself, I would recommend a really good eye primer as your base. But, if you wanted it to stay locked in place all day, I would use a primer first, then put the cream eyeshadow on next, then lock it into place with a powdered eyeshadow, that was around the same colour as the cream eyeshadow. With this wild bronze colour, I have been locking it into place with my regular bronzer.

Here it is swatched in a darker light.

And this is swatched in natural sunlight.

This colour would be great if you wanted to re-create Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen eye make-up. This gives a really beautiful sheen and a really sunkissed glow.

It's a little beaut!!!