Tuesday, 15 January 2013

VoilĂ ! xxx

This is going to be super quick!

Just to follow on from yesterdays blog, I thought it would be best if I actually showed you what you can create with the MUA Palette. I used the light and darker purples, also the matte black.

As you can see I teamed it up with a very groomed brow, a thin winged out eyeliner and of course some dramatic lashes!! 

I'm not going to lie, the picture hasn't done it full justice. You can slightly see the light purple in the inner corner of the eye. But, I did have to use the flash on the camera, which has drained the colours, so it hasn't come out in it's full glory!! But, to be honest, it does look like a light smokey eye, which you could wear for day or night.

Remember guys, if you want to win this palette, all you have to do is add yourself on my blog page to, Google Friends Connect or Bloglovin. I will randomly pick one luck winner at the end of the month (31/01/13), announce it on here and my Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jay-Chapman-Make-Up-Artist/122769664429757?ref=hl
and send it off to you!

Good Luck!

Jay xxx

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Raving Plum Raven! xxx

Hello My Beauty Babes!

I love this time of year! You know you can still wear all the plums, reds and blacks on your nails, without looking like a goth! But, at the same time Spring is just around the corner, ready for all of the pastel colours to raid your nail varnish drawer and ready to invade your nails!

But before we say goodbye to winter nails, I want to express my love for Plum Raven by IBD.

It's a very deep wine/plum colour, with a very high shine finish. Great if you want a very dark nail colour, as sometimes black can be too gothy for some people. I did this colour on a client of mine the other day, who has really red hair. It suited her well and complimented her hair colour perfectly!

It is a Gel Polish that you have to cure under a UV light. However, the colour is beautiful and totally gorgeous and I wanted to share it with you.

I love IBD Gel Polish. It's chip free for upto 14 days and has a lovely high shine that lasts. My nails used to be short and bitten. But now, I have long, sexy, elegant nails that are strong and healthy!

I have even jazzed it up with a few gems and then put a top coat of gel polish over the top, cured it under the light to seal it all in place!

If you get this done in a salon, your probably expected to pay around £20-£35 per set. It depends on where you live. The higher the price, you will probably get a manicure and a hand massage. For the gems you will probably pay an extra £5 on top.

If you don't want to pay that sort of money, then you could go and buy a nail enamel from Boots or Superdrug and create the effect yourself. The best brand to go for would be Revlon in the colour Vixen #570

At least do 2 coats and then, whilst your nail varnish is still wet, place on the gems. Once that coat is dry, seal it all with a high shine top coat. That way it should last longer and you will have super sexy nails!!

Please visit www.jaychapman.co.uk Here you will find my beauty pricelist or simply comment about my nails below!

Lots of Love

Jay xxx

Monday, 7 January 2013


Hi My Beauties!

Just thought I would let you know that, at


there are many fabulous deals on Jewellery. Infact, there is upto 50% off on most products!

I'm just getting rid of winter stock and getting ready for the Spring/Summer 2013......how exciting! So check it out and grab yourself a wee bargain!!


Jay xxx

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Long Awaited Blog and Happy New Year! xxx

Hi Guys! 

First of all I am so sorry for a long awaited blog. I was just overwhelmed by all the customers that I had over the Christmas and New Year Period. Not only that I had 5 teeth out! So not only you guys didn't get to read my blogs, I now look gross as one of the teeth I had out was one at the front, on the bottom set!

Why oh why I hear you cry?!

Well, I am having braces fitted top and bottom, so therefore I needed room in my mouth so that they can straighten my teeth. I'm not going to go into too much detail with this, as I may do a separate blog on it.

Anyways, I hope you were all good and received all the things that you wished for? My Christmas was very quiet. But I do want to say a HUGE thank you to my Mum for making the day really special and for cooking like a trooper! It was awesome! And a MASSIVE thank you to my family and making the day so great with your presence and presents!!

Ok, today is going to be a quick blog about a primer that I have been using over the Christmas and I have to say it been a very good purchase!

It's the Collection 2000 Primed and Ready Smoothing Make-Up Primer

On their site it states:

- The silky formula with a light coverage for a flawless complexion and a noticeably natural finish. 

- Smoothing Make-up Primer minimizes problem pores, smooths uneven skin and hides unsightly blemishes for the perfect base. 

This products cost me £5.99 from Superdrug and in the tube you get 18ml worth of product. 

I always put a primer on first, before putting on my foundation. But please note, a primer is not like a moisturiser. A primer is like a light second skin. Great for people who suffer with large open pores, oily skin or pigmentation problems. Basically, what you are doing is smoothing out any problems on your base before putting on any foundation. That way your skin can look more flawless and the foundation can sit and last a lot longer on the skin.

As you can see (the little see through blob on my hand!) it's very clear and almost has a slight jelly consistency to the product. All you need is a very small amount as a little goes a long way. In fact, only use what you need, as the more primer you use, can almost do the opposite effect of what you wanted it to do in the first place. So again, think of it as a very thin second skin over you face.

When you first put it on your skin you will notice that your skin will become very silky, soft and matte looking. As for a flawless complexion  they are touching on dodgy grounds really. Because for someone who may think that this will reduce the appearance of spots or red marks....it won't. All that this primer will do, because of the silicone base, is smooth out the feeling of your face and will glide on your foundation and help it last a lot longer and minimise pores, for the time being. The only way you will get rid of those red marks temporary, with this product is to put a foundation and concealer over the top.

However, all in all, if you want your foundation to stay on longer and your pores to minimize underneath foundation, then this will work perfectly. And for £5.99 this is a real bargain.  

I will be buying this again as I do suffer with oily skin and large pores around my nose and it does make my foundation last very well. However, if you suffer with more than just the above then please leave me a comment and I will try and guide you with the right primer.

I hope that this is a great start to the new year and I wish everybody else a very happy New Year too!

Lots of love

Jay xxx