Wednesday, 1 August 2012

M.A.C Haul! xxx

So I went to the M.A.C store in Bath a few weeks ago and needed to pick up one or 2 things......

£120.00 later and I'm like a child with butterflies in my stomach, waiting to get home to rip open the bag and play with my new things!

I do a lot of bridal make-up and always need good quality products. I have a lot of confidence in M.A.C and their staying power on the face, which is great for brides and bridesmaids, because then they have confidence all day knowing that they don't have to check their face every five minutes for make-up top up's!

For bridal make-up, it's always good to have a good base and you want to take most of the oil away on the skin. The more oil, the more the make-up is going to slip. I always cleanse the face then put a primer on the skin. A primer basically preps the face and takes away any oil, smooths out skin and helps foundation or powder lasts a lot longer. I have been trying out the M.A.C prep and prime.
The packaging is typical M.A.C! But then again I like their packaging as it's sleek and simple and it's well known. I use about 2 pumps of the primer and that should cover the face and neck area and you can either put this on with your fingers or with a foundation brush.
It's a white primer (as above!) and it's a good consistency, it also has little flecks of shimmer. I have read or heard that a lot of people don't like this. However, I do! To me it gives the face a healthy glow and some luminosity. When you put your foundation over the top you can't see the flecks of shimmer, but what I did find is that you really have to work in the foundation into your skin. That's clearly the primer doing it's job and letting the foundation have staying power! For 30ml it cost £19.50 and the bottle should last a while, depending on how many times you make-up your face or others. I really like this product and I will be buying it again for me and my customers. So try it if you want your make-up to last all day at work, when you go out on the town or if you are going to be a bride or bridesmaid. I promise you it will work and last!

Another product I use for brides is waterproof mascara. As you can imagine, when the bride has finally got dressed and then her dad is waiting at the bottom of the stairs in his suit to give her away, that's when the tears seem to fall......and hopefully not the mascara! I use ZOOM Waterfast Lash.
This mascara is brilliant and does NOT move! The wand is a nice size for upper and lower lashes and the product is a good consistency. It does make the lashes thicker and appear to be longer. But, I do feel that I have to separate the lashes with an eyelash comb, as they do clump together a little. Also, I feel that this product can dry out after a couple of months, but that maybe me using it quite a lot because I have clients. If I were to use it on myself only, maybe it will last longer. But for my brides this mascara is GREAT! Just be warned when taking it off, get your favourite eye make-up remover on cotton pads a place on the eye area and leave for a few minutes. That way it will have time to work and melt into the mascara and then wipe away! For an 8gm tube this will cost you £14.00 and you can buy it in the colours black or brown.

This next product is the bomb! M.A.C Cremesheen in the colour Creme Cup.
The colour is absolutely stunning and the texture is really silky smooth. It does have a lovely sheen to it and lasts pretty well.
I would use this with a lip liner due to the consistency, only because with a lip liner all over the lip it will last longer and it won't bleed into the skin. Beautiful on really fair skin or on tanned skin. I use this product on a lot of brides as it's a good nude lipstick. So if you have darker eye make-up, this pink will complement it really well. This will cost £14.00

I hope you like my M.A.C haul and if you try them out, let me know what you think!

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Lots of loves!

Jay xxx