Monday, 30 July 2012

July Favourites! xxx

I'm gonna cut to the chase and go straight into July Faves as there are quite a few to get through!

As you know I am like an oil slick on my face, so oil free products usually work for me! I am loving visibly clear, pink grapefruit oil- free moisturiser by Neutrogena. To be honest with you, I like most of the Neutrogena rage as it works for me and it's very reasonable too!
It smells absolutely gorgeous.....(pink grapefruit funnily enough!) and the consistency is quite thick when you squeeze it from the tube.
It feels fab when on your skin as it's not thick and heavy and it really doesn't clog your pores. You only need a small amount as a little goes a long way and this is a great product if you need a base under your foundation. It absorbs really quickly and leaves no residue, hydrates well and is soooooo refreshing! I put it on morning and night after I cleanse and tone. This cost around £4.60 for 50ml.

Hot pinks are really fashionable at the moment and look great with a tan and in the sunshine! I am a big fan of I.B.D gel nail products as they last for a long time on the nail and colour doesn't fade. They do a shade called All Heart which has shiny flecks of colour in it.
It wears and goes on like an ordinary nail polish. But it wears like a gel nail once cured under a UV light. It can last for up to 2 weeks without any chips and can promote natural nail growth. With a glossy top coat this is uber shiny and is such a beautiful colour! I do these in my salon for £20.00 a set.

Temporary lip tattoos have become huge at the moment and I have seen them in quite a few stores. I found some in the Factory Shop for only a pound, so thought I would give them a go!
They are really easy and simple to use. I would say that the hardest part is trying to cut them down to your own natural size lip and shape. For a one pound I got 3 different designs. On the back are the instructions, which are easy to follow and basically you cut them down using the guides (not cutting the cupids bow or the bottom of lip) peel off clear protector and stick to own lips design down. Once in place wet a cotton pad and dab over design. You will know when it's ready as the white backing does slide away. They dry on lips almost instantly and just feel slightly tacky. Although, they are great and a lot of fun I have really tiny lips and I did find that the full effect didn't work on me and that I was eating the design away rather quickly! However, if your a lucky bean and full luscious lips, then you shall definitely give these a go!
As you can see I thought I would have some fun and support our nation by having the union jack on for the open ceremony of the Olympics!

Last but not least! I am really in to contouring my face as it makes me look slimmer and more defined. I got given this a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE this product! It's from AVON and it's from there true colour range and the colour is earthen rose.
It's a blusher that is beige/fawn in colour and has peachy undertone to it..... that usually comes with a small brush! However, I did throw my brush away because when applying blusher or anything to my cheeks, I love to use a big, tapered blending brush! The colour is perfect if you are a little on the paler side like myself! I use this just under my cheek bone to give me more of a sculpted look and because it's matte, it's even more perfect for more of a natural look. Remember a little goes a long way and you don't want to add loads. If too much too soon, you can't take away. Just keep adding little by little and blending for the look you are trying to create, without any harsh lines. For 6 grams of pressed powder it cost around £6.00.

I hope you like my July Favourites and if you haven't got any of these products then you should try them and let me know what you think! Please subscribe for free and that way you get any new updates from myself! Alternatively go to my facebook page and like
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Lots of love my little beauts!

Jay xxx 

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The House of Soap xxx

As some of you may know, I suffer with eczema on my eyelids and around my eyes and psoriasis on the back of my hair line. I have had it for years and have tried many, if not hundreds of lotions and potions! Yes some work for a small amount of time. But there is always a slight worry in the back of my mind, with the ingredients. What am I putting on my skin?

There are always rumours that the medication, lotions and cream's etc that doctors prescribe can thin the skin. Which is not so great for me because the eye area is so thin anyway. I know that skin rejuvenate's quite quickly when your younger. However, I'm no spring chicken anymore and need to look after my assets, if not, then my skin at least!!

One day about 3 months ago I was walking up Wells highsteet, Somerset and came across a market stall and a massive sign....DO YOU SUFFER FROM ECZEMA? I nudged my boyfriend and asked if we could take a look. They had a whole stall of things from bath bombs, to bars of soap to oils. The guy on the stall (Adrian Mackey) was lovely and really easy to talk too and I explained my situation.

Adrian pointed me in the right direction and said to me what I needed, which was the honey and oatmeal bar of soap (as above) and the 100% Shea Butter (below)
Sorry about my label, but this little beaut comes everywhere with me!

The soap is made from all natural ingredients and has oatmeal in it, which acts as a gentle exfoliator. It doesn't bubble up as much as other soaps. But I can tell you that the smell is divine and its also very soothing. I have even used this on my face and I find that it's not drying to the skin at all. It lasts a long time and @ £3.75 I think that is pretty reasonable for all natural products. The only thing that lets me down is that it's made from Palm Oil. Palm Oil is fine to use and obviously great on the skin, but it's not great for the environment. I won't go into details, but for me I won't be using this again as I try and care for the environment here and there! Maybe house of soap, you could put something back into the palm tree environment or use another natural product? Just a thought and if so I will definitely buy this product again!

The 100% Shea Butter on the other hand is great and I will be buying over and over again! It's literally like a butter and it is white in colour and for £7.50  this product will last you for ever. I put it on my dry skin every night and YES ladies and gents, my eczema is pretty much gone from my eyelids, without using those pesky chemicals on my face! It may not work for you, but at least give it a try as I'm sure it will do something. If not, it will give you amazing soft skin at least!

Adrian is at Wells market every Wednesday and you have to see him! He is amaze balls! If not you can buy on line at

Give it a try!


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Love to you all my beautiful lot!

Jay xxx



Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lauren Luke Brushes! xxx

Hi everyone! 

Yes I have another new blog and hopefully the last! I will pimp it up at a later date, but for now I wanna talk about the Lauren Luke Brush set that I received a couple of weeks ago. I have put them to the test and have done a few bridal make-ups with them, so that you get a full review on what they are actually like!

The First thing I noticed when I received them was how personalised the packaging was. Ok, so they were only in a brown Jiffy bag! But obviously inside were the brushes and a personal typed up note from Lauren! I thought it was a nice touch (even though, she presses print on her computer!) and knowing how busy she must be, it seems that she still takes the time out to know her customers and fans! She even messaged me on Facebook.....oh yeah! 

For those who don't know who Lauren Luke is (if you don't....are you in the dark ages?!) She is a youtube sensation under the name Panacea81. She blogs and reviews anything from make-up, tutorials, her life and you can even email her your problems and she will try and help! The reason I love her? I love her because she is your girl next door, who had quite a sad past. But she got off her ass and sorted it and tried to make a go of things! Now look at her, she has youtube hits over 127,000,000 and she has over 442,000 subscribers, with now, her own make-up brush line! A.MA.ZING!!!

So back to the brushes! There are 8 to choose from and the prices range from £3.25-£6.50. I'm not gonna lie, I was a little dubious and wondered why they are so cheap. But I went ahead an bought the whole lot, plus you get the pencil brush for free. The whole set cost me £33.75 and then a couple of quid on top for the postage and packaging. 
I can't express enough LOVE for these brushes! They are absolutely fan-dabi-dosy! And for the price...............this girl has done well to produce such wonderful brushes!

From Left - Right. Large Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, Flat Contour Brush, Tapered Blending Brush, Pencil Brush, Blending Eyeshadow Brush, Flat Brush, and Angled Brush

This is made from goat hair and it's really good quality. No hairs seem to be left on your face after you have gone mad with the bronzer! This is great for powdering the whole face, blusher and bronzer. Or you could you it to blend out any harsh lines on the face with this brush. This is the most expensive of the brushes at only £6.50

This is my favourite from the whole set. Personally I haven't had a foundation brush quite as good as this one. Others, and I mean very expensive brands, have left hairs on my face, don't blend as well or leave harsh lines. This is a great brush to own and if you have to only choose one, then choose this one! This brush is really great for buffing foundation into the skin and leave the face looking flawless. This is made from synthetic hair, which is great for any cream foundations. It costs only £6.00. I will definitely be investing in more of these brushes for work!


Made from goat hair. This is great for contouring the cheeks, cheek bones, forehead, jaw line and nose. Or you could use it for bronzer, blusher or powdering the face or T-Zone area. Personally I would only use powder form with this brush as it may ruin the hairs when using cream blush or bronzer. This cost £5.25 only.


Another favourite of mine and a very good dupe for the 224 blending brush from M.A.C. This only cost £4.50 and it's great! Brilliant for blending in the crease of your eyelids, contouring the nose and I even use it for covering spots and blemishes! This one is made from goat hair and again I would use this with only powder eyeshadows.


This is a great brush for getting really precise on the lower lash line, with eyeshadow. Also, good for making a "new" crease effect in your eyelid. But also, fantastic for putting a highlighter in the tear duct area to open up your eyes. This cost £3.25 and is made from goat hair


You can use this pretty much the same as the tapered blending brush, as mentioned above. But can also be used for all over colour on the eyelid. Another great dupe for the 217 from M.A.C. Made from goat hair and only cost £4.50


This flat brush is ideal for packing on colour all over the eyelid, or you can even use it for highlighter under the brow bone.  It's made from goat hair which is great for powder eyeshadows. But for cream shadows, it may ruin the brush. Synthetic is always best for cream shadows. I haven't tried this with cream, so I maybe completely wrong about this! However, I'm not ruining one of my beautiful brushes! Separately this cost  £4.00


Great for eyeliner and filling in brows. Separately, this brush alone would only cost you £3.25. It's synthetic, which means great with a powder or liquid make-up. The brush is great for really precise lines and also fab for getting really close to the lash line.
Lauren you have done me proud with this brush line! They are not expensive, the product is really good quality and to everyone, you WILL get great results from them.
Lauren, maybe you could expand the line and do a few more synthetic haired brushes and maybe a good brush cleaner. Even a little contraption to hold the brushes upside down when they dry, when cleaned?!!!   

I have been a make-up artist for a few years and these brushes will be coming with me on jobs!

Lots of Love you beautiful lot!

Jay xxx

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